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.Marje Creations creator - More about me...

Marje Creations creator - More about me...

My beading story started about a year ago when I had to be wedding planner for my beautiful daughter's wedding.
For her it was a destination wedding because she was living in England at that time. For me it was a home-destination wedding: they wanted to be married in South Africa, which was and still is home for me. Beaded decorations was her wish - and she got it! The chairs was decorated with a sash, flowers and a string of beads. This grew into bead strings at the main entrance into theĀ  church, her personal jewellery (tiara, necklace and bracelet), beads on the seating plan, beads on the flowergirl's rose petal baskets and beads on the serviette folders! And I'm sure if we had more time we would have thought up more beading projects!

I was hooked! Working with beads, going to beading classes, learning more from where ever I could get information from, became my passion! I am enchanted with beads and working with them fulfill my being! I've enjoyed the making of each piece in my range. And I plan to design and make lots more!

I trust that you will also enjoy the feeling of the beads in your hands and it lying against your skin. May it make you feel as special as what you are looking!

Contact me, I would love to talk to you or just send me an e-mail with your order or even a friendly chat.

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